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AIRED: 01-31-2022

Salman Rushdie the British novelist that had a fatwah against him, knows that the best way to get your book to sell, is to either be banned or have a country’s leader ban your book, or threaten to kill you or the readers of your book.
Ukraine situation is escalating by the west even though Ukraine wants to be left alone. Russia is deploying the S echelon equipment.
Donbass may go autonomous? Russia is not taking over, but Donbass and Donetsk may be going autonomous.
Russia is preparing either way. Russia’s UN envoy urges US to encourage Kiev to implement reconciliation deal.
Trudeau is scared from truck convoys to Ottowah that have totally surrounded the capital. The world over sees huge convoys of big trucks in support of the Canadian Truck Drivers that are protesting Trudeau’s mandates. Listen to find out what will happen with the US drivers after Trudeau is removed.
The IRS already has all your income tax data – so why do Americans still have to file their taxes? Lawmakers call for ‘penalty relief’ from IRS amid millions of backlogged returns.
Driver who stopped to help when truck carrying 100 lab monkeys crashed in Pennsylvania and put her hand in one of the cages says she now has a cough and pink eye after one of the macaques HISSED in her face! Idiocy!
The Hippocratic oath in its original form. Connect the Dots and follow the money in regards to the Joe Rogan vs Neil Young on Spotify.
Get all your paperwork done! Wills, living wills, advanced medical directives, DNR orders, Powers of Attorney, et al all must be done no matter how old or young you are! Get it done so your kids are not going through the horror I am going through now.
What are the 3 types of advance directives?
Advance Directives: Start here:
Convention of States:


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