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AIRED: 11-03-2016

Sarge starts the show talking about the upcoming elections and how the results are likely to effect health care in the U.S. for the next several years. He’s joined in the 2nd Hour by Vaccine Rights Attorney, Alan Phillips. We continue the look at the elections and the fact that Hitlery is pro-big pharma and pro-mandatory vaccination and Donald Trump is not. For many – that should be enough to decide on how to vote. We then move on to the movie ‘Vaxxed.’ Check out – this movie should be viewed by every parent who has a child between the ages of birth to 18 years.



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Sarge discusses items in the news, ie: American Red Cross got caught mixing bioweapon (vaxxed) blood with non-bioweapon (unvaxxed) blood. The global push to censor the truth, more people dropping dead unexpectedly while the medical community and MSM refuse to consider the Covid-19 jabs as the culprit! Sarge also talks about the special he’s running...

AIRED: 09-27-2022

Sarge opens the show with a short clip of Dr. Joel Wallach discussing the importance of nutrition PRIOR TO CONCEPTION! You can avoid all birth defects by having both parents on the 90 Essential Nutrients for 6 months prior to conception. The pregnancy will go smoothly and the child will be super healthy! This will...

AIRED: 09-22-2022

Sarge covers lots of items including the Climate Change HOAX, Strategic Stockpiles and Plandemics, weird clots in the bodies of ‘injected’ dead people, people killed by main stream mediSIN and much more! Sarge also plays some recordings of testimonies of people who have had their lives changed by the iTeraCare ‘Magic’ Wand. ...

AIRED: 09-20-2022

Sarge opens the show by talking a little more about the ‘wonders’ of the iTeraCare ‘Magic Wand”. He relates the “Story of Carmella” a fictitious tale of a lady with a calcium deficiency who made the mistake of going to an M.D. for treatment and the misery the endured for years as a result! Sarge...

AIRED: 09-15-2022

Sarge opens the show by discussing climate change and plays a Greg Reese video about King Charles III and follows up with an article from RT with an astrophysicist weather expert who says ‘climate change’ is a hoax! Sarge also covers the first person who reportedly has died just days after receiving a moneypox ‘vaccine’...

AIRED: 09-13-2022

Sarge opens the show by reading some testimonies he’s received from people who have purchased iTeraCare wands from him recently! He also plays a couple video clips from his YouTube playlist outlining some fantastic healings. During the last segment he covers the Covid Jabs and their deadly effects on those who have taken them. ...

AIRED: 09-08-2022