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AIRED: 08-25-2016

Today during the first hour Sarge talks about the insanity of modern medical research and the fact that research dollars are spent trying to find a ‘pharmaceutical solution to a nutritional problem.’ Sarge then covers the hypothetical story of Carmella who went to her doctor (M.D.) with a simple calcium deficiency and ended up going through years of drugs, surgeries and misery and ultimately died because her doctor was an idiot! During the 2nd hour Sarge looks at several items in the news and takes a call from a lady in Texas who’s suffering with chiggers. The folks in the chat room and listeners come to the rescue with remedies that have worked for them! We have the best listeners! Sarge tried to play a song – “The Devil Went Down to Washington” at the top of the 2nd hour and apparently it didn’t work and the system went to another recorded show until the song ended and Sarge came back. Apologies for the mix up and we’ll try to correct it in the future!


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