Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Aug 26, 2015

You Tube has now pulled all videos of the shooting this morning. On some sites it is claimed for copyright reasons in the country.  And other sites it is claimed that it is scams and such.


It is from the captures of others that I was able to get an image of the shooter’s face.  Had it not been for the small amount of time that it was available on youtube, we would not have these images.


Luckily, as soon as I found that the videos were being taken down, my man copied it and has it available in the mp4.

1722 Eastern Time, Update:

Kev Baker’s upload on his webpage no longer works. Luckily he sent me a copy of it.  You will need to view it in full screen, of the Shooter’s video. That he happened to have uploaded onto you tube after shooting the journalists and on the run, he uploaded it?  Crazy huh?