AIRED: 08-09-2020

So you Think you’re a Big Shot Influencer on Social media, huh?! Are you sure??!!.
You’re NOT “woke” if….you text support for Black Lives Matter on your APPLE I-Phone made by SLAVE Labor in China.
You’re NOT”woke” If you buy Lattes at STARBUCKS every morning, sipping Elite privilege out of cardboard coffee cups made by SLAVE LABOR in China, enjoying coffee grown in Extreme Poverty in Latin America .
You’re NOT “woke” if….you’re a “climate change warrior” voting for Toxic Waste dumping in Rivers & groundwater in China & India by GLOBALIST Corporations headquartered in the United States..
YOU are poisoning the planet.
You are NOT “woke” if…. you think it’s okay to kill people in foreign countries who don’t look like you, think or pray like you, because the Military Industrial Complex told you Syrian/Iraqi/Libyan LIVES DON’T MATTER.
You are NOT “woke” if … you support “China First” and oppose job creation, higher wages and greater economic opportunities for ALL Americans regardless of their color or ethnicity right here in the United States.
YOU are NOT “woke” if you OPPOSE DONALD TRUMP’s re-election to the White House.

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