Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Dec 16, 2013

Images and videos of child abuse are a deplorable niche’ that has plagued our society ever since the invention of the first photograph machine. However, in 2013, it has become a tool to defame and arrest activists, alternative media and anyone else standing up against the establishment. It is also being used against innocent parents and people infected with computer viruses!

Last year, Luke Rudowski of We Are Change was sent an e-mail with a document claiming to be photographs from inside the Bilderberg meetings. Being overseas and intuitive about a possible set up, he had a forensic analyst open the links from another computer to discover child pornography. Dan Johnson of People Against the NDAA and Stewart Rhodes of Oath keepers experienced a similar situation, but this time the senders spoofed the e-mails to make it appear as though the e-mails came from each other. Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton had a similar problem when their identity was stolen and child pornography was sent to professional contacts claiming to be Truth Stream Media.

What is child pornography?

Believe it or not, the definition of child pornography is so broad that you may be guilty of this crime and not even know it. Until 2003, child pornography was defined as “sexually explicit images depicting a child, even if the images contained no children or even if the subjects of the photos/videos are adults. (Adults dressing as children engaged in sexual acts??)

In 2003, America re-defined “child pornography” to include any “sexually suggestive” photos of underage girls or boys, regardless of whether the children in the photos are clothed or not. Pornography is defined as “any nude images that have no artistic value”. Suddenly, the Federal government became the “judge and jury” to decide what is “artistic”, “innocent” or “sexual”. This resulted in mothers being charged with child pornography for not only taking innocent photos of their babies in the bathtub, but also taking pictures of their children at gymnastics, playing sports or participating in dance recitals, since the Federal Government’s perverted minds can now regard an innocent gymnastics pose as “sexually suggestive”.

For those of us without children (like myself), this doesn’t really concern us, although it may be a concern for many of our readers. What concerns us the most is the fact that a group of people, whether hired by the Federal Government or not, are using laws designed to protect our children as means to incriminate alternative and independent media. It has also made us reluctant to click on any links or accept attachments from anyone, regardless of whether the e-mail is from a recognized source or not.

Our policy at Truth Frequency Radio is to never open any attachments or links sent through e-mail, regardless of the source. We have also invested  heavily in anti-virus programs, firewalls and other security precautions resulting in unnecessary operating costs and overhead of maintaining our outlet. We expect every other media outlet to practice similar precautions, but this morning when a reader sent us a news tip with attachments and links seemingly 100% legit, and when I pressed “delete”, I realized the real impact of these attacks. Not only are people who are trusting enough in their fellow human being opening these links/attachments and getting set up, but the rest of us are victimized in the sense that we have to be suspicious of everyone and the flow of information is diminished!

In November of 2009, the Huffington Post reported on a virus setting people up for child pornography without the owner of the computer even being aware of the fact that their computer was being used as a node to pass/store illegal content. Hundreds of unsuspecting individuals were unknowingly part of a “child porn ring”. It has come to a point in our society where we cannot distinguish the actual criminals from innocent people because the laws regarding this matter are worded so broadly, that even you may be guilty of these crimes and you don’t even know it.

Considering these facts, it’s no surprise that the Pentagon itself is the #1 distributor of child pornography, according to this report by CBS. Not only do we have a situation where the Federal government is arresting innocent people but they are the perpetrators of this abuse. After all, it takes the mind of a pedophile to see a photo of kids in a bathtub as “pornography”.

The road to hell is paved with the best intentions, as is the case with our current laws on child pornography. Protecting our children should always be the top priority and it’s easy to see why lawmakers have crafted legislation to do so. However, this legislation is being used in the most nefarious ways to silence critics, activists, reporters, arrest parents for innocent photos and abduct children into CPS child prostitution rings.

It is important that everyone remains vigilant in this dire time of oppression and insanity, whether you are a public or private figure. The Federal government has way overstepped their boundaries in many aspects of our lives, from invasive TSA checkpoints to the NSA spy-grid. But nothing is more sinister than using laws meant to protect our children as a way to frame political dissidents, turn the average mother into a criminal and kidnap our children!

Who will stand up, to take this kind of nefarious power away from the Federal government? Is there an attorney, senator or congressman brave enough to reform these laws in a way to protect the innocent? Time will only tell, but how many more victims will there be in the meantime?