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AIRED: 11-25-2020

Don Wiskin joins me in the first hour of the show to talk about health & in particular how Xtendovite can help with everything from cardiovascular issues to boosting the immune system. Our good friend Frank calls in to give us the latest on his journey using Xtendovite.

In hour number two im joined by Jimmy Genes & we dissect the blatent shenanigans surrounding the election in the US. Never has election fraud & rigging been so blatantly in our faces & if you ask me this on purpose. There is no way they could be so stupid that all this is happening by chance. What does makes sense is that the election fraud is so obvious because the powers that be want the world to see just how corrupt the democratic system in the US actually is. The only winner whether its Biden or Trump that gets into office is the elites that love nothing more than chaos, and chaos seems to be the outcome whatever happens between now and inauguration day in Jan 2021

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