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AIRED: 01-11-2015

New York City Police have been ordered to get back out there and write citations. The City’s revenuers in blue were shocked to find out that they are public enemy number one, so they decided to hang around the precinct and let the City fend for itself. The public loves not being tazed, beaten, and having their doors busted down at 2 AM in military style no-knock raids, but the money lost from fines and civil seizures of property generated by those police actions is sorely missed. The new word? No vacations. No sick days. Get back to work collecting that money from New Yorkers. Oh, how I wish we could have our free country back.


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Seemingly unhappy with just destroying its own economy, eco-crazy Germany is now reportedly aiming to found a so-called “climate club”, a group that would punish countries not perceived as green enough. ...

AIRED: 06-26-2022

Diogenes, one of the ancient world’s illustrious philosophers, believed that lies were the currency of politics, and those lies were the ones he sought to expose and debase. To make his point, Diogenes occasionally carried a lit lantern through the streets of Athens in the daylight. If asked why, Diogenes would say he was searching...

AIRED: 06-19-2022

Katie Greifeld of Bloomberg News, whose social media bio claims she lives in New York City, posted the image of the gas pump message window, which quickly went viral. Not in a good way. People were pissed, because they thought of what happens next. ...

AIRED: 06-12-2022

Mule Former San Luis, Arizona, mayor Guillermina Fuentes, a major local Democrat operative, pleaded guilty this week to ballot harvesting, the Arizona attorney general’s office announced. Fuentes, along with Alma Juarez, was indicted in December 2020, each on one felony count of ballot abuse — also known as ballot harvesting, where political operatives collect ballots...

AIRED: 06-05-2022

A radical leftwing group is laying plans to shut down the Supreme Court in response to a leaked opinion that overturns Roe v Wade. One of our goals would be to expand the current political crisis by shutting down the Supreme Court,” one of the organizers said. The group planned the blockade for Monday, June...

AIRED: 05-29-2022