Truth Frequency Radio">Kev Baker
Feb 14, 2015

We are less the seven hours for the proposed ceasefire agreed upon by all sides in Minsk Belarus during the week, yet there seems to be now winding down of any fighting, on the contrary, the battles seem to be intensifying

While making this video it was announce that the Ukrainian President Poroshenko has stated that martial law will be imposed throughout the country if the fighting does not stop at the proposed Midnight deadline.

Fighting continues in the East of Ukraine and there is the usual western media claims of Russian forces and armaments crossing the border into Ukraine, something which i can neither confirm or deny.

On the other side of the porpaganda machine, RT are reporting that even if Poroshenko and his forces abide by the ceasefire, the paramilitary forces such as right sector which grew in the aftermath of the Maidan Coup, are not under Poroshenkos command and that they are determined to continue to take the fight tot he rebels in the East of Ukraine.

Will we see the implementation of a ceasefire? It is highly unlikely and we are left with the optimum conditions for a false flag operation to be launched post-ceasefire deadline and for that even to be blamed on one side or the other, most likely it will be blamed on Putin and his forces, afterall Putin does everything!