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AIRED: 06-16-2018

Tonight was one of the most epic and important shows you’re ever going to hear! Tonight’s guest was the well respected researcher/reporter and author Jorge Martin reporting Live from Puerto Rico!! Since the tragic disasters in Puerto Rico the island has been riddled with military,paranormal activity , ufo, and many reports of Wormholes or energetic portals opening up in the sky, rain-forest, water and many other places. In Fact Jorge discusses how he has been getting reports of this since the 1970s. in the first half hour of the show Ra discusses the psychic download he has been receiving from the Crystal Skull he charged at the Ancient Dolmen Balanced rock. Also the book he will be writing on the rise of the A.I and Red headed moon child Babalon sacrifice . Than after first break tonight’s guest Jorge Martin joins the discussion to go deep down the spiral of wormholes in Puerto Rico. Jorge provided pictures to go along with tonight’s discussion which was displayed in the chat room during tonight’s show. You will be able to find more details and these pics on Ra’s website and Patreon. Jorge also discussed how different types of creatures that appear to be from different worlds, timelines and dimensions are appearing in Puerto Rico and numerous encounters have been reported. He than discussed how even his own son while working as a Policeman in Puerto Rico had an encounter with a 7 foot tall gargoyle!! Jorge also provided a rendition of this encounter that he drew himself. This was just one of many encounters and reports that was discussed in tonight’s epic show. Are the military and elites of the world moving people away from our Islands ? Creating volcanic eruptions, hurricanes etc to make people leave so they can strip the land of its minerals and manipulate the energetic portals within each location???Does Puerto Rico happen to be one of the locations of our Planets multidimensional timegates? All of this is discussed on tonight’s show as we spiral deep inside the Eye of Ra…..Spiral out!

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