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Jul 03, 2013

Chris Geo
Truth Frequency Radio


I’ve always been suspicious of the hacktivist group Anonymous but that’s not to take away from some of the pro-liberty hacks they’ve engaged in. As is the case with any freedom based group, the Federal government (through the use of it’s black budget and three letter agencies) surely has injected several plants and cointelpro operatives. Anonymous seems to be a mixed bag of pro-liberty hackers, kids who just want to be a part of something but have no idea what they are doing (such is the case in this video) and people who are more than obviously working against the freedom agenda.

A few weeks ago I happen to stumble across an interview on the David Pakman Show featuring a member of Anonymous and the Westboro Baptist Church. I found the interview both amusing and entertaining. The topic of the show was addressing a hacking “threat” to the Westboro Baptist Church supposedly from Anonymous but the representative for Anonymous denied the organization made the threat. At approx 2:20 into the video as demon spawn Shirley-Phelps Roper mentions that her message cannot be stopped, Anonymous points out that all of her websites have been hacked and anonymous denies taking part in it. However at 3:30 anonymous says something interesting:

“The four or five that are down are not our doing, credit goes to a hacker by the name of Jester”.

This is the first time I’ve heard of this “Jester” guy, whose actual screen name is th3J3ft3r. A little research was warranted to find out exactly who this guy is (or rather his background) and it was soon revealed that he is “former military”, a “hacker working on the side of law enforcement and the military” yet he has “no official military or law enforcement connection”. I can’t “disagree” with hacking the Westboro Church’s websites as they are all hate based religious psychobabble. But then again, I understand the free speech issue. However, you reap what you sow and if you spend your life attacking everyone you’re bound to get attacked and if you don’t respect people’s rights, then I don’t feel bad for you when your rights are violated. Now, back to this “Jester” guy.


After President Obama engaged in heated discussions with Ecuador, Russia and other countries offering asylum to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, self described “Patriot Hacktivist, “The Jester” launched a series of cyber attacks against Ecuador and threatened to do the same to any other country that offers assylum to Whistleblowers.

On Monday the Jester launched attacks against Ecuador’s e-mail server for the second biggest stock exchange and the countries official tourism website which is clearly a financial attack to apply pressure in favor of the usurped United States Corporation. Gabrielle Murillo, a spokesperson for the Ecuadorian tourist site did not confirm or deny the attack, simply stating the “Internet was working” however conflicting accounts state that users were unable to access the website after the attacks were confirmed.

Upon further investigation, “The Jester” has taken credit for several previous attacks against the Wikileaks servers. He also threatened to reveal personal information of the hacktivist group Anonymous, which is a bit strange considering the videos presented above seem to indicate cooperation between the two or at least some sort of mutual respect. However it’s important to mention the possibly that the Anonymous representative in the interview above was not really part of Anonymous.

There is definitely some validity to this “Jester” guy. One of his computers is on display at the International Spy Museum, titled oddly enough “Weapons of Mass Disruption”. According to his website he described himself as “pro OUR Military, LEA [law enforcement agencies], & Intel Communities who do the same job no matter who is sitting in the big seat.” The keywords here is “No matter who is sitting in the big seat” which offers a glimpse into his true motivations and apparent blind submission to government. On one hand he claims to be former military and part of a “famous military unit in Afghanistan”, took an oath to uphold the constitution and defend his country against enemies foreign and domestic. The man “sitting in the big seat” also took the same oath, yet violates it over and over. On the other hand the Jester writes:

Regarding Snowden, the Jester writes:

“Snowden is not a goddam hero, here to save Americans from ‘the government’ because of privacy infringements and breaches of the 4th amendment, he is a traitor and has jeopardized all our lives.”

The Jester is planning an assault against the Ecuadorian Embassy where Assange has been held up for over a year in what appears to be an attempt to isolate and attack the wireless towers Assange is using.

The Jester also circulated a list of 52 servers used by the Venezuelan government where Assange also applied for asylum stating that he will treat all governments offering asylum to Assange or Snowden as “enemies”. The Jester goes on to further say “If I am arrested, and convicted in due process by a jury of my peers I will consider that justice will have been served.”

The Jester may very well get that because as we’ve seen time and time again, the Federal Government uses patsies until their purpose is fulfilled and then throws them to the wayside. However, in a time when the Federal Government has declared war against the people of the United States, assassinates American Citizens, removes due process, removes the rule of law, goes completely rogue, charges an American with espionage when he discloses information to the people of the United States, thus declaring the people the enemy, people like the Jester are not only part of the tyrannical agenda but also engaged in treason, along with the entire Obama administration and every single person who participated in destroying the United State Constitution and the right of the people.