The SCAVENGERS from the 5th dimension/ Robin McCray >>


AIRED: 10-02-2020

In this episode, ROBIN McCRAY ( the Director of International Hominology of Forest People ~ North America), is BACK and together we delve into information on one of the beings trying to pass themselves off as Sasquatch, the SAME THINGS who assaulted Mark Barton in the Green Swamp in Florida, and how they terrify and manipulate people! Their invasion of our world, what they may be capable of and how to repel them is also covered. DON’T MISS THIS ONE as invaders from elsewhere are an actual problem we need to know about to protect ourselves!



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William Lunsford returns to WBR, this time in a TFRLive exclusive, to get us up to date on some of the sightings that have been occurring in the Arkansas/Texas area, as well as the Sulfur river, Black Lake, local Bigfoot and Gugwe sightings, and the dreaded FOUKE MONSTER!...

AIRED: 10-09-2020

We wrap up the interview with Blayne about his decades of experiences in the field with the Sasquatch in N.E. Ontario, and he shares many of his best encounters and also lets the listeners know the names of the videos he references in many cases…. so they can go to Blayne’s channel, on You Tube,...

AIRED: 08-21-2020

We are joined by long-time researcher and one of Canada’s best, Mr Blayne “TRACKER” Tyler, all the way from the Bigfoot Barn in Northeastern Ontario for a very special 2 part show, where Blayne walks us through his Sasquatch experiences, from his very first as a child up to present day, and also lists the...

AIRED: 08-14-2020

We are once again joined by the Main Man and Head Honcho of the Bigfoot Outlaws, Mr. Jim (Bear) King, to complete our conversation on anything Bigfoot related in general, and nothing else in particular! lol. Check out the Bigfoot Outlaws podcast and You Tube channel! ...

AIRED: 08-07-2020

Bear returns to the show as we compare and contrast not only the Bigfoot on different sides of the U.S., but also research techniques and the differences between them depending on location. Also, some very little known or discussed aspects of Bigfoot behavior are also delved into in this episode, and upcoming part 2!...

AIRED: 06-19-2020

In this part of the Saga, Kevin relates the problems he and Glagg had trying to find and move him to a safer location, as well as the Dangerous Sasquatch which turned out to be on the Montana border in the Bitterroot Mt’s, (the same place Teddy Roosevelt’s “Bauman Story” came from) and his adventures...

AIRED: 06-05-2020