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Nov 12, 2013

former-marine-FBI-agent-firearms-training-self-defense-belly-dancing-By Alison Starling, ABC7 News

Patty Haley is a trained belly dancer who performs and teaches dance all over the D.C. region. But would you believe that she’s also a former Marine who worked with detainees and a former FBI agent who made arrests for violent crimes?

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“In every woman there is a peaceful side and a warrior girl,” Haley says.

That saying brings us to the name of her venture that helps empower women, called “Peaceful Warrior Girl.” It began with Haley’s search for balance while living the life of a tough Marine and agent.

“I was really pushing myself physically and doing a lot of things for others, and really hadn’t explored the feminine side… And so it became the yin to my yang, the dance,” she explains.

Now, Haley is passing along her holistic approach to other women. Through her program, she teaches not only dance workshops, but also self-defense and firearms training.