Truth Frequency Radio

Apr 21, 2013

This UNCONFIRMED video which we are told appeared on Brazilian TV earlier today appears to have been shot at the scene of the Boston Police Dept’s arrest of suspect bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev – the video clearly shows the 26 year old being escorted to BPD vehicle whilst handcuffed and not wounded, which in total contradiction to official reports which claim the suspect was shot by police and then run-over by his younger brother in a stolen SUV in Sommerville, MA. Please bookmark and share this video, and do continue to ask questions about what happened on the evening April 18th and the morning of April 19th, 2013, so the public can better determine the truth of all that really happened.

This matches the police scanner feed that indicated that the suspect had been found and was being stripped because he had explosives strapped to him. If the video above is truly Tamerlan, the explanation for how he somehow got from what he looked like then to this:


is going to be pretty interesting. Again, unconfirmed reports, but stay tuned for more updates as they happen.

Update: The mother has since come forward and said that the video is indeed Tamerlan, but that the picture above is not. At K-TFRN, we try to keep on top of the news as it happens, and when so many things are happening at once, the information can get sketchy at times.