AIRED: 10-20-2019

PEACE. BAD. WAR. GOOD. Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson deconstruct Why Globalists are Furiously Bashing President Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria. We support President Trump’s decision unequivocally. Much has transpired in the past 10 days to guarantee that ISIS will not enjoy a resurgence after the U.S withdrawal. While many of us watched anxious from the sidelines, Syria and Russia quickly moved to protect and absorb Kurdish fighters, who had battled ISIS. The U.S smashed an important Air Base, so Turkey cannot terrorize the skies. Trump also imposed sanctions, leveraging a speedy trip to Turkey by Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo to force Turkey to adopt a ceasefire. Meanwhile, Russian soldiers have taken position on the front lines against the Turkish incursion. What’s not to love about peace and security?? According to the Globalists, there’s a lot to hate. Scott and Michael Jay take apart the globalist arguments brick by brick. We look back on the Russia Hoax, which Democrats and the Deep State exploited to stop Trump from acting in Syria before, and we look at how Trump has thwarted the Impeachment Hoax.
Good reading at MintPress.com https://www.mintpressnews.com/facts-fiction-us-withdrawal-from-syria/262431/

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