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AIRED: 07-28-2021

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Brooks Agnew takes on Cabarrus County Board of Education
If you wish to do as Brooks Agnew has done at your local school board, I have included the text as he has provided below:
WHEREAS, Cabarrus County Board of Education (CCBOE) is ranked higher than 60% of school districts in safety in the State of North Carolina currently serving approximately 33,658 students over 39 schools; and
WHEREAS, all CCBOE employees, including teachers, other school personnel, and nonemployee groups such as substitute teachers, are eligible and were offered COVID vaccines at special clinics for CCBOE employees; and
WHEREAS, according the CDC policy, School Board decisions should be based on the school population, families and students served, as well as their communities; and
WHEREAS, infection and mortality rates for children have shown to be nearly non-existent for COVID-19 compared to the infection and mortality rates for adults over the age of 75; and
WHEREAS, analysis has shown that staff-to-student and student-to-student is not the primary means of transmission; and
WHEREAS, some nonpublic schools in Cabarrus County and North Carolina have operated safely without masks on children since fall 2020; and
WHEREAS, CDC policy recommends local School Boards should not exclude students from in-person education based on vaccination status; and
WHEREAS, with deaths from COVID-19 and COVID-19 case numbers are the lowest since the onset of the pandemic, decision making powers have been returned to local School Boards;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the parents of students and the voters of Cabarrus County request:
1. That Cabarrus County Board of Education allow all students to attend class in school without being required to wear masks.
2. That Cabarrus County Board of Education allow all students to attend class in school without requiring COVID vaccinations.
3. That Cabarrus County Board of Education allow all students to attend class in school without segregating students in any manner other than grade.
4. That Cabarrus County Board of Education be required to bring all school policy changes before regular or special Board meetings with parents and voters present.


Parent/Voter Resolution Signatures

# of Children in School

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