Truth Frequency Radio
Jul 30, 2015

By Amanda Warren

Tim Cast provides an interesting video report below about the rapid militarization of American police. I was expecting the same old information on grants and goods from the federal 1033 program, SWAT raid training by busting into the “wrong house” or no-hesitation shooting tactics.

Instead, something more disturbing was afoot, and it’s indicative of a real, visible shift in the global economic paradigm. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the biggest driver of the world economy is war and weaponry. But then why would law enforcement be active buyers at elite International Defense Expos like LAAD (Brazil)? This is where country and military heads go to get big time weapons – guns, bulk ammo, drones, armor, APCs, jets and even rockets. It’s Willy Wonka’s war store, except the Candyman’s gone.

Not only are police organizations buying goods at the Int’l Defense expos – they now make up the single largest group of buyer attendees at the shows.

It looks like there is some major less-than-lethal stockpiling among police groups going on at these trade shows….

Even worse – a recent report suggests that so-called “non-lethal” weaponry sales are expected to double by 2020. Internal security is expected to grow by 56 percent. I guess we know where job security lies?

Furthermore, the restrictions that Obama announced on military gear for police departments aren’t really restrictions at all (plus, it’s not like the gear they already have is going anywhere else anytime soon). Watch:

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