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Jan 10, 2015


A pro-style jihadist commando attack in Europe’s heart. Cui bono?

Careful planning and preparation, Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenade launcher, balaclavas, sand-colored ammunition vest stuffed with spare magazines, army boots, easy escape in a black Citroen…

And the icing on this particularly lethal cake: faultless Paris-based logistical support to pull it all off. A former top French military commander, Frédéric Gallois, has stressed the perfect application of “urban guerrilla technique” (where are those notorious Western counter-terrorism “experts” when one needs them?)

Some said they spoke perfect French, while others maintained their command of the language was mangled and broken. Anyway, what matters is that they uttered the magic word: “We’re Al-Qaeda.” Better yet, they told a man in the street: “Tell the media that this is Al-Qaeda in Yemen,” which means, in American terror terminology, Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP), which had Charlie Hebdo’s editor/cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier (“Charb”) on a hit list duly promoted by AQAP’s glossy Inspire magazine. Accusation: “Insulting the Prophet Mohammed.”

Foreign journalists and other people hold placards that read "I am Charlie" during a campaign at a bookstore in Beijing January 8, 2015 for the victims of the shooting at the Paris offices of weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday. (Reuters/Jason Lee)And just to make sure everyone had the perpetrators implanted on their brain, the killers also said, “Allahu Akbar”,“We have killed Charlie Hebdo” and “We have avenged the Prophet.”

Case closed? Well, it took only a few hours for French police to identify the (usual?) suspects: French-Algerian brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi. The third man, the driver of the black Citroen, apparently 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad, then turned himself in with an ironclad alibi. So the third man remains a cipher.

They all wore balaclavas. The Kouachi brothers have not been captured, but the police seem to know very well who they are. Because they found an abandoned ID in the black Citroen (oh, the troubles of being a command in a rush…) How come they didn’t know anything before the carnage?

Right on cue, Cherif Kouachi’s bio was splattered all over the shop. He was on a global watch list. Along with six others, he was sentenced in May 2008 to 3 years in prison for “terrorism”; in fact unloading a dozen young Frenchmen via madrassas in Egypt and Syria to none other than Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the killed-by-an-American-missile former head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the spiritual father of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL.

Also right on clue, a full narrative was ready for mass consumption. According to French police “experts,” this could be an attack “ordered from abroad and executed by jihadists coming back from Syria that have escaped us,” or it could be “suburban idiots that radicalized themselves and concocted this military attack in the name of Al-Qaeda.”

Scrap option two, please; this was a pro job. And staying with option one, this points right at – what else – blowback. Yes, they could be Daesh/ISIS/ISIL mercenaries trained by NATO (crucially, France included) in Turkey and/or Jordan. But it might get even false-flag nastier. They could also be former or current French special forces.

Blast Islam, will travel

Slovenian journalists hold pens and placards reading in French "I am Charlie" during a gathering in tribute of victims of the attack on French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, on January 8, 2015 in Ljubljana, a day after two gunmen killed 12 people in an Islamist attack at Charlie Hebdo's editorial office in Paris. (AFP Photo/Jure Makovec)Predictably, Islamofascism peddlers are already having a field day/week/month/year. For simpletons/trolls/hordes exhibiting an IQ worthy of sub-zoology, when in doubt, demonize Islam. It’s so convenient to forget that untold millions from Pakistan’s tribal areas, to street markets across Iraq, continue to feel pain devastating their hearts and lives as they are expendable victims of the jihadist mindset – or “kalashnikov culture”, as it is known in Pakistan – which has been profiting the West directly or indirectly, for decades now. Think ritual droning of Pakistani, Yemeni, Syrian, Iraqi or Libyan civilians. Think Sadr City witnessing carnage 10 times worse than Paris.

What French President Francois Hollande defined as “an act of exceptional barbarism” – and it is – does not apply when the West, France in the front line, from King Sarko to General Hollande himself, weaponizes, trains and remote-controls assorted mercenaries/beheaders from Libya to Syria. Oh yeah, killing civilians in Tripoli or Aleppo is perfectly alright, but don’t do that in Paris.

So this, in the heart of Europe, is what blowback feels like. This is what people feel in the Waziristans when a wedding party is incinerated by a Hellfire missile. In parallel, it’s absolutely impossible to credit that the sophisticated Western intel network had not seen blowback coming – and was impotent to prevent it.

Of course the ultra-elaborate Western counter-terrorism expert network – so proficient at stripteasing us all at every airport – saw it coming; but in shadow warland, portmanteau “Al-Qaeda” and its myriad declinations, including “renegade” Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, are used as much as a mercenary army as a convenient domestic threat “against our freedoms.”

Who profits?

US Think Tankland, also predictably, is busy spinning the drama of an “intra-Muslim” split, which provides jihadists with a lot of geopolitical space to exploit – all this sucking the Western world into a Muslim civil war. This is absolutely ridiculous. The Empire of Chaos, already during the 70s, was busy cultivating jihadist/Kalashnikov culture to fight anything from the USSR to nationalist movements all across the Global South. Divide and Rule has always been used to fan the “intra-Islam”, flames from the Clinton administration getting cozy with the Taliban to the Cheney regime – helped by Persian Gulf vassals – advancing the sectarian Sunni/Shiite schism.

Cui bono, then, killing Charlie? Only those whose agenda is to demonize Islam. Not even a bunch of brainwashed fanatics would pull off the Charlie carnage to show people who accuse them of being barbarians that they are, in fact, barbarians. French intel at least has concluded that this was no underwear bomber stunt. This was a pro job that happened to take place just a few days after France recognized Palestinian statehood. And just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian “threat.”

The Masters of the Universe, who pull the real levers of the Empire of Chaos, are freaking out with the systemic chaos in the racket they so far had the illusion of controlling. Make no mistake, the Empire of Chaos will do what it can to exploit the post-Charlie environment – be it blowback or false flag.

People observe a minute of silence in Istanbul on January 8, 2015 for the victims of an attack by armed gunmen on the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7 which left at least 12 dead and many others injured. (AFP Photo/Bulent Kilic)The Obama administration is already mobilizing the UN Security Council. The FBI is “helping” with the French investigation. And as an Italian analyst memorably put it, jihadists don’t attack a vulture hedge fund; they attack a satirical rag. This is not religion, but hardcore geopolitics. Reminds me of David Bowie: “This is not rock ’n roll. This is suicide.”

The Obama administration is already mobilized to offer “protection” – Mob-style – to a Western Europe that is just, only just, starting to be diffident to the pre-fabricated Russian “threat.” And just as it happens, when the Empire of Chaos mostly needs it, evil “terra” once again rears its ugly head.

And yes, I am Charlie. Not only because they made us laugh; but because they were sacrificial lambs in a much nastier, gruesome, never-ending shadow play.


According to Charlie Hebdo Journalist, one of the attackers had BLUE EYES


Who ordered the attack against Charlie Hebdo?

While many French react to the attack against Charlie Hebdo denouncing Islam and demonstrating in the streets, Thierry Meyssan points out that the jihadist interpretation is impossible. While it would be tempting for him to see it as an Al Qaeda or Daesh operation, he envisages another, much more dangerous hypothesis.


 In this report, France 24 edited the video so that we do not see the attackers execute a fallen police officer.

On January 7, 2015, commandos erupted in Paris, in the premises of Charlie Hebdo and murdered 12 people. 4 more victims are still in serious condition.

On the videos, the attackers are heard shouting “Allah Akbar! and “avenge Muhammad”. One witness, a Coco designer, said they proclaimed affiliation with al-Qaeda. That’s all it took for many French to denounce it as an Islamist attack.

However, this assumption is illogical.

The mission of this commando had no connection with jihadist ideology

Indeed, members or sympathizers of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda or Daesh would not be content to just kill atheist cartoonists; they would have first destroyed the archives of the newspaper on site, following the model of all their actions in North Africa and the Levant. For jihadists, the first duty is to destroy the objects that they believe offend God, and to punish the “enemies of God.”

Similarly, they would not have immediately retreated, fleeing the police, without completing their mission. They would rather have completed their mission, were they to die on the spot.

In addition, videos and some evidence shows that the attackers are professionals. They wielded their weapons expertly and fired advisedly. They were not dressed in the fashion of the jihadists, but as military commandos.

How they dispatched a wounded policeman who posed no danger to them, certifies that their mission was not to “avenge Muhammad” because of the crass humor of Charlie Hebdo.

France “Terrorists” Admit They Work for the Secret Service!!! Another SMOKING GUN!


(Before It’s News)

This is another huge smoking gun, I’m surprised it was even included in MSNBC’s coverage. Read up. As a wise man frequently says, “you just can’t make this stuff up.”


Important Quote:

Interviewer: ok, so you came back to France not long ago ?

Kouachi: No, a long time ago…I know the secret service, don’t worry about it. I know very well how I was able to do things well.


Here is a partial transcript of the interview between Kouachi and Igor Sahiri, a journalist for France’s BFMTV, as translated by NBC News (video below):

Kouachi: We’re telling you that we are the prophet’s defenders peace and blessings be upon him, and that I, Cherif Kouachi, was sent by Yemen’s Al-Qaeda. OK?

Interviewer: OK, OK.

Kouachi: I went there and it was Anwar Al-Awlaki who financed me.

Interviewer: And how long ago was this?

Kouachi: It was before he was killed.

Interviewer: ok, so you came back to France not long ago ?

Kouachi: No, a long time ago…I know the secret service, don’t worry about it. I know very well how I was able to do things well.

Interviewer: Ok, and now there’s only you and your brother?

Kouachi: That’s not your problem.

Interviewer: But do you have people behind you, or not?

Kouachi: That’s not your problem.

Interviewer: Ok, but do you plan to kill again in the name of Allah or not?

Kouachi: Kill who?

Interviewer: I don’t know, I’m asking you the question.

Kouachi: Did we kill civilians during the two days you’ve been looking for us?

Interviewer: You killed journalists.

Kouachi: But did we kill civilians? Civilians or people during the two days that you looked for us? Or people during the two days you’ve been looking for us?

Interviewer: Wait, wait Cherif, Cherif, did you kill this morning?

Kouachi: We are not killers. We are defenders of the prophet, we don’t kill women. We kill no one. We defend the prophet. If someone offends the prophet then there is no problem, we can kill him. We don’t kill women. We are not like you. You are the ones killing women and children in Syria ,Iraq and Afghanistan. This isn’t us. We have an honor code in Islam.

Interviewer: But you just sought revenge here, you killed 12 people.

Kouachi: Yes, because we sought revenge. You just said it well. You said it yourself, we sought revenge.

A purported member of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed Friday the group directed the attack on the magazine offices on Twitter. Flashpoint Intelligence, a global security firm and an NBC News counterterrorism consultant, could not verify the authenticity of the claim.

If true, “this is a game changer when looking at previous al Qaeda plots,” said Laith Alkhouri of Flashpoint. “They always sought to cause a spectacle; a big blast with sophisticated undetectable bombs. This would be a new trend, and a dangerous one. If this is indeed true, AQAP is now looking at softer targets and is living up to previously issued threats.”




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Wait What Did He Say?Skynews Reporter Spills The Beans About Paris Terrorist Attacks HOAX?

(Before It’s News)


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Police Chief Investigating Paris HEBDO Attack Kills Himself

(Before It’s News)


We learned this morning, a Commissioner SRPJ Limoges has committed suicide last night in his office with his service weapon . Information confirmed by his superiors. It is unknown at this time the reasons for his actions. He would have killed himself that night to 1 hour.

The Commissioner Helric Fredou  aged 45 years was from Limoges began his career in 1997 as a police officer at the regional office the judicial police of Versailles, before returning to Limoges. He was deputy director of the regional police service since 2012. His father was a former police officer, his mother was a nurse in the emergency context CHU Limoges. He was single and had no children.

According to the police union commissioner was depressed and experiencing burnout . In November 2013, the Commissioner Fredou had discovered the lifeless body of his colleague, number 3 of SRPJ Limoges, who had also committed suicide with his service weapon in his office. He was also 44 years old.

The Commissioner Fredou, like all agents SRPJ worked yesterday on the case of the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo . In particular, he surveyed the family of one of the victims. He killed himself before completing its report.  A psychological cell was set up in the police station.

Whoa…    Here is the first REAL conspiracy involving this entire mess.   There is definately something going on here.  And while I can imagine feeling depressed over something like this, I cant see myself killing myself whilein the middle of it.  Maybe there is a curse?   I’m just thinkingb out loud.  What do you guys think?  Mossad wrapping up loose ends?  Maybe this guy foundsomething that shook his core so hard he had to end his life?  Thoughts?

PARIS SIEGE FALSE FLAG: Analyzing The Cop Shooting Footage

(Before It’s News)



Paris Attack Staged Photo found Using Google Earth


(Before It’s News)

It appears that the terrorists abandoned car was in two different places in photos that have been published.

Evidence of staging proved.