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By Luckee

Jul 25, 2015

I want to know.

I want to know why none of the media is picking up on this story.

I want to know why the alternative media hasn’t touched this!

Even GlobalResearch hasn’t addressed this and they have the most comprehensive article out there. Why?

As I posted previously:

The shooter Abduaziz, lived in an picturesque hilly area north of Chattanooga, an upper middle class community, near the Tennessee River. This is a very nice neighborhood.  Why in the world would this man shoot up anyone? Everybody loved this guy.  His yearbook entry was funny. This is very odd. This is not fitting the mold.  I am curious to know who this former cop Islam friend was and what he had to do with this.

Abdulazeez had several friends at the gym, but one in particular, a former Chattanooga police officer, would constantly exhort militant Islamic views and threatened anyone who bad-mouthed the faith, Schrader said. The man was the one who introduced Abdulazeez to the Fight Factory and became the young fighter’s closest mentor, he said.


I am forced to conclude that this was some type of exercise.  The presence of law enforcement (even former) is telling in the shooter’s life. The media is only acting as mouthpieces of the USGov.  This USAToday piece was an error that apparently people seem to or seem to want to ignore.  The fact that the feds have classified the investigation tells everyone that we have to accept getting shot at in our hometowns and get no answers as to why we are restrained from investigating and why we are being shot at.

As it stands now, we know this.  People died.  For an exercise.  Because the shooter has attained room temperature, we cannot ask him.   Someone please find this Schrader fellow and find out who the hell this former cop was.  The classifying of the investigation only arouses suspicions on law enforcement from the beat cop on the street, to the head of our Government, including, but not limited to the President.

So fucking what, if I sound petulant in my demands for answers.  My fellow Marines DIED! My fellow Chattanoogans are being held hostage in the confines of federally ‘classified’ terrorism. My countrymen are going to lose even more rights as a result of this.

By the way, did no one else notice that during this active shooter thing in Chattanooga, there was a scare in Bradley County Mall of an active shooter?  Did you know that it was the MAINSTREAM MEDIA that constructed that alarm?


Police Got Shots Fired Call At Bradley Square Mall And Mall Was Thoroughly Searched

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Cleveland Police Department secured the Bradley Square Mall area and cleared the perimeter after a shots fired call at about the same time as two separate shootings in Chattanooga.

The Cleveland Police SWAT Team, along with members of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office and the Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to the mall area and together, conducted a preliminary search of the area and secured all businesses inside. Officers conducted a sweep of the parking lot and surrounding businesses.

Law enforcement personnel met with Bradley Square Mall personnel and security and they agreed to close the mall. Military members working out of recruiting office were escorted to their vehicles and off the mall campus.

Once the mall was closed, the Cleveland Police Department and the Highway Patrol SWAT Team made entry, with mall security and maintenance, to check all areas of the mall. Officers were able to clear the building shortly before 2 p.m.

The Bradley Square Mall campus was secured and officers were retained to patrol the area for the remainder of the night as a precaution. At this time, the event is still under investigation.

Officials said, “We have no indication that shots were fired at the mall. We have no injuries to any personnel, patrons or law enforcement.”

The Bradley Square Mall reopened at 5 p.m. for regular business.

Evie West of the Cleveland Police said, “We would like to thank mall management and security. We appreciate the mutual aid effort between Cleveland Police Department, Bradley Co. Sheriff’s Office, Drug Task Force, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Cleveland Fire Department and Bradley County EMS. Thanks to Brenda Lawson and Cleveland 100 for supplying the officers with water and Powerade during the event. Please keep the Chattanooga Police Department and the Chattanooga victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers.”

But no one is talking about that either.  Who called that shit in?  Who is the fucking terrorist here? The MSM in Chattanooga was reporting on both locations, scaring the hell out of everyone in the Southeastern corner of Tennessee.

Those of us who have been researching the nonsense our government puts out, have gotten quite accustomed to find that most of the perps who conduct terrorism, are in fact, in deep contact with governmental and law enforcement departments.  There are too many to list here, just google: FBI involvement in terrorist plots on US soil.

That is why I want to know who the hell the Islamic Former Cop is that was the ‘Shooters mentor’. 

Tweet me at @TruthFrqncyNews when there is a frigging good answer.  Until then I call this an Exercise that killed Americans.