AIRED: 12-16-2018

TFR & the Covert Report are honored to present 9/11 Whistleblower & senior United Airlines Captain, Dan Hanley. Without question, Dan paid the “iron price” for 9/11 Truth. A pilot layover in Newark put Dan on the scene of the September 11 attack, Dan shares how he was one of the first to take apart the official Aviation Story about the hijackers, and the many aviation factors that make it so suspicious and unlikely. How the hijackers lacked the most rudimentary flight training to pilot a commercial jet liner; how the maximum aircraft speed exceeded the jet’s capacity. He describes in all details the problems of the U.S. Marshals– most likely NOT aboard the hijacked planes. The problem of the autopilot, and how photographs show a KC Boeing 767 with a pod on the bottom of the aircraft, possibly for mid-air refueling, which does not exist on commercial flights. Others know the findings he reported, but Dan Hanley is the Whistleblower who fought United Airlines and the FAA to challenge the official lies. Fired from United Airlines, locked on a psychiatric ward, Dan’s truth confronted betrayal at every turn, including his marriage & relations with his children. Now living in Islamabad, Pakistan, the twists in Dan’s journey are worthy of a movie!

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AIRED: 04-10-2022