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Aug 13, 2014

(Before It’s News)

Obama is the Antichrist. One of the characteristics is his “fatal head-wound” says the Bible. Obama’s skull is terrible and awe-striking.

In this old video before his handlers had a grip on him, the scars are very obvious. The one scar which I highlight in the video here, is the one at the level of his left-hand temple in the hair, parallel to his hairline and vertical. It runs along a general direction which would go from his eye toward the top of his head.



I’ve never seen this scar before. The closest I see is on this picture below, but that’s the right-hand side not the left:



On that picture, there’s also a scar running up from the ear which the left-hand side (in the video) doesn’t have. Did his handlers get him surgery to cover it up?



The left-side vertical scar to his temple is visible on some pcitures like here, above.




Obama’s got all the traits of the Antichrist and we must reveal it. It’s our duty as citizens. Protect ourselves by informing others about who is in charge of our nuclear force and our National Defense: Obama who is a man who’s never shown his real bill of health and medical records to Us, the People.



Barack Obama (Is a Test Tube Baby!)



Obama a Test Tube Baby



More scars under the chin, clinically clear pictures:





Who or WHAT is Barack Hussein Obama?









I don’t agree with most peoples religion. But I agree that one must see that Obama’s the Antichrist.


I’m Tibetan Tantric Buddhist because it’s the highest form of culture in the world. The Apocalypse prophecy of Kalachakra says that the demonic being at the end of times will have a syncretical belief such as Obama has (and PPSimmons speaks about in a video here.)


I’ve done five years of Tibetan language/culture at Paris University and then 28 years of post-university research upon Kalachakra. I’ve collected a list of 50 people who made videos saying Obama’s the Antichrist. I want to make a big website with those links in it, in order to gather all those people in one same place.


It’s a project for it to be a one-button resource for “Obama is the Antichrist.” Help me make that website, please.