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Sep 09, 2015

douglassreport  September 9, 2015

hi-nb-e-coli-fredericton-8colI hope hamburger’s not on the menu tonight, my friend — and if it is, you’ll probably be making some new dinner plans by the time you’re done reading this.

Most supermarket ground beef comes from massive, filthy factories where anything that’s vaguely meat like and fits gets shoved through industrial-sized meat grinders.

They’d grind up the “moo” if they could!

But it’s not the “moo” I’m worried about today. It’s the POO — because fecal matter is finding its way into your ground beef.

Consumer Reports magazine tested 458 pounds of ground beef and found nasty stomach-churning — and stomach-burning — bugs in all of them. Every single package they tested contained either enterococcus or E. coli, two fecal bacteria.

A fifth also contained C. perfringens — another fecal germ linked to food poisoning outbreaks — while 10 percent contained S. aureus.

Both conventional and organic beef contained the germs, although the conventional stuff was twice as likely to be loaded with drug-resistant superbugs.

The magazine suggests cooking your burger until it’s at least 160 degrees to kill off any bacteria in the beef. If you do, be sure to invite a priest to your cookout so he can say a prayer over the cremated remains of that poor cow.

Personally, I just skip the burgers. I’d rather have a juicy ribeye, porterhouse, filet or even a roast. Pan-seared and topped with garlic butter, you won’t find a better meal than that.

But if you’re still a ground beef fan there are a couple of ways to make safe burgers without turning them into hockey pucks.

If you’re really dedicated, buy a decent grinder and run your own sirloin through it. But that’s a little too much work for some folks, so the other option is to go to a butcher who’ll do it for you, running his own fresh, clean cuts of sirloin through the grinder on the spot.

Add your favorite seasonings, cook them medium-rare and you’ll have the freshest, safest, tastiest and juiciest burgers in town.

Just don’t let word get out or you might have to feed the whole neighborhood.