Oct 02, 2014


My gut is telling me that the powers that be would not allow a virus with a high mortality rate to escape out of their control. If that man really did have ebola, the CDC would have a team at the site within 2 hours, and the entire block would be cordoned off and men with hazmat suits would come in and run tests on the material left behind to help determine the scope of the virus’s ability to spread.

They would not send in two Mexicans armed with a pressure washer to act as the clean-up crew. Nor would they allow an Indian woman – or anyone for that matter who didn’t have a CDC badge – to go moseying around the site, exposing themselves to Ebolavirus.

Either they’re actively attempting to jump-start a panic in Texas, or they’re attempting to jump-start a pandemic. You be the judge, but use your discernment when doing so. This could be the beginning of something terrible in the U.S. (and not just from a virus), or it could be just another 2009 H1N1 that fizzles out after a few months of nobody really dying.