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AIRED: 08-28-2021

Things are changing on this planet at a breakneck speed not only externally in the world we see around us but within us as well! We feel as though a HUGE transformation is taking place so what better time to talk about these changes with Debbie than now?

It’s always so much fun talking with Debbie and along with that comes the recounting of our own experiences with all of the changes occurring and how they play into what we’ve learned thus far on our crazy journey.

We also wanted to see what kind of changes were happening in Debbies life which brings us to “What On New Earth”, a blog that she’s starting on numerous platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Youtube. It’s basically an expansion of her older channels called “What On Earth”, which dealt more with the 3D aspects of our lives. “What On New Earth” deals with what we can all bring in to assist with the aforementioned 3D things that we all must deal with so make sure and check out this expansion that Debbie has made as part of her service to us!

We hope you enjoy our fun chat with Debbie DuBois as much as we did and until next Saturday, thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and remember that WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

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