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AIRED: 03-06-2021

It seems that the world we live in today is full of fear. Some of it can be based in reality of course but “how much” of it is actually really a danger and how much is just a man-made construct? How do we tell the difference? Do past experiences play a part in our fear? What can we do to minimize fear or eliminate it entirely?

In todays show we take a look at what fear truly is and how we, along with others, deal with it. Sandra & I give real life examples of instances where we were fearful and how we have learned what fear really is and, more importantly, what it isn’t.

We had an extra bonus today having our sponsor, Kerry Planck of Alpine Made in Wales New York, join us today to talk about her company and the products she has created! If you want fresh, unrefined, natural products such as goat milk soap, skin lotions and creams, lip balms, deodorants and SO MUCH MORE, you should take a few minutes and visit her website, WWW.ALPINEMADE.COM and check it out! Sandra & I use nothing but her products now and can definitely tell the difference this beautiful change in skin care products has made. Couple that with knowing that her products are natural and her farm is certified organic in the state of New York, which is no small feat, we know without a shadow of a doubt that we’re treating our bodies with the most love possible!

We hope you enjoy todays chat and look forward to spending time with you again next Saturday! So, until then………WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

website: www.twinflamedivinefire.com

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