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Aug 24, 2014

By Susan Duclos, Wake Up America

In the video below, captured by camera from Fox Sports, in Spanish, and titled “El Fantasma,” which translates to “the Ghost,” what at first appears to be a man, runs through the bleachers at a soccer event, but upon careful observation, “he” appears to be running right through people, then right through the blue netting going from the top to the bottom of the bleachers.They replay it in slow motion and even as this seeming apparation runs right through people, the people do not move, do not move their feet as usually is seen when someone walks, or in this case runs, in front of them on the same row at bleachers at a stadium.

Conspiraacy forums are referring to this as a “shadow person” but as said above,the video calls it a ghost.

Watch below.



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