AIRED: 08-22-2019

Kira Raa will INTERVIEW and REVEAL the deeper wisdom of Sri Ram Kaa!
Together they will deliver a TIMELY MESSAGE for ALL HUMANITY!

How has your week been? This is a moment of IGNITION and one that brings together ALL ASPECTS of creation!

The Divine Directors have MUCH to share and Sri & Kira will share ALL THIS EVENING INCLUDING A surprise announcement about this weekend and the week ahead!
Join us live and call in to ask your questions, share your heart, or receive a soul reading.
ABOUT This week’s Co-Host Sri Ram Kaa!

Sri’s unquenchable thirst for unraveling the mysteries led him through an extraordinary life journey and into the emerging field of Medical Intuition. His intuitive aptitude lead him to became an accomplished Medical Intuitive and he was invited to teach at the Stillpoint Institute, where he had previously trained. His private practice in Seattle, Washington revealed that there were two orientations of clients, those who wanted to cope and conform to cultural norms and values and those clients who sought liberation or enlightenment. While the years of counseling others expanded his wisdom and compassion, nothing he studied fully satisfied his inner yearning for Oneness.
In early 2002 Sri’s heart ignited with the recognition that his ‘other half’ was in form and available for partnership. An active quest to be united with his ‘twin flame’ guided Sri to find Kira in August 2002. They connected via email and had a nearly instantaneous remembrance. Their Sacred Union fulfilled a personal quest and serves as a model for others

website: www.sriandkira.com

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