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Sep 30, 2014

(The following article was translated from Spanish to English)

El Ciudadano

A production of the Canadian national broadcaster, the CBC, from a neurological perspective investigates the effects of ayahuasca in a documentary in which Dr. Gabor Maté shows, one of the foremost authorities on the treatment of addictions and globally Jordy Riba neuroscientist at the University of St. Pau in Barcelona.

We discovered that seeing this piece intensely active ayahuasca the neocortex, the area of the brain associated with higher brain function and distinguishes the human being from other animals. It is this area, too, where decisions are made. In parallel, the ayahuasca activates the amygdala-an area, so to speak, more linked to instinct and Primitivo early emotional brain where memories are stored, including trauma or loss of a loved one. Finally, active ayahuasca also the insula, which apparently serves as a bridge between our emotional impulses and our ability to make decisions.

Looking at this map of neural activation generated by ingesting ayahuasca see an amazing joint in various parts of the brain, ideal for producing a response and possibly immunomodulatory psychological healing. Let’s see why this happens.

www.elciudadano.cl_2014-09-30_15-31-19As the video says, decisions have a powerful emotional component and significant events or traumatic events in childhood or create an imprint pattern that acts as a shortcut or a circuit that lights in general. For example, if you were attacked by a dog, chances are your brain, to defend, to react with a response of adrenaline and cortisol to all dogs (one flight or fight response). This is accentuated if there are events that reiterate this threat-that may be interacting with other dogs, for example, but these dogs have no intention to attack or may even just by thinking about dogs. Al-though these events are repeated events generated by the effect of a nonexistent threat connections linked to this reactive circuit, binding to proteins and forming a kind of neurocicatriz strengthen. The effects of trauma can be devastating to the immune system, placing it in a state of permanent stress wearing lymphocyte response, the cells responsible for eliminating pathogens outsiders.

The interesting thing is that ayahuasca active emotional memory where are stored traumas enable the center where decisions are made and in turn, the area of the brain that links. This allows the researchers, overwrite and reevaluarlas traumatic memories, in an act of conscience conducted by the neocortex. That is, all locations listed are activated so we can create new connections in our brains, which work as an underlying structure, an operating system that governs our behavior. The ancestral Amazonian brew is a powerful psychotechnology to reprogram our brain. And if we consider that stress exacerbates many diseases, the healing potential is not limited to psychotherapy but can be routed to treat all kinds of ailments, releasing a charity neurochemical response.

It is for this reason that Dr. Gabor Maté Ayahuasca is considered one of the main etiological agents available to treat addictions. Maté believes that addictions are often the result of traumatic events in the-at childhood power, in a way, time travel through the memory and meanings to these events, we can go to the cause and modify such that they no longer exert an effect.

In a broader sense, this mechanism makes us reflect on how the will is articulated in the human brain. In a way, that a command or a volition can take place, you need to clean and unblock neural circuits that are involved in the circulation of certain memories that are reproduced and impede transformation especide lucid something to think about an act is distributed. A brain that has traumatic memories and has not compromised its circuits, accustoming them to certain stress-related responses and, above all, the memory of impotence, that these commands do not have results could, in theory, voluntary programs articular brain any playing immediately and even upgradear could update his brain and his body at will.

It seems no coincidence that the shamanic tradition that prevails in the administration of ritual ayahuasca Her mythopoetic and archetypal information compartida- usually creates a narrative for the user where it is necessary to face their past, their ancestors and the underworld (the unconscious), to later emerge and climb the symbolic journey into the light as a new, free and clear of atavism person that manifest as disease. This experience is almost an integral design of a therapeutic process to cope with trauma: what is the meaning of both the narrative and the images associated in a field of morphogenetic information as in the brain and activates neural components. There is a resonance, an amazing correlation between the flight of imagination and electrochemical synthesis, mind and matter.

By Alejandro Martínez Gallardo

Source: Pijamasurf