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Aug 10, 2014

On Friday afternoon, Sean Hannity introduced a little mystery into the Internet by tweeting a picture of him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the intriguing caption: “I wish I could reveal what I said here, but I cannot.”


Hannity recently interviewed Netanyahu, and it aired on his Thursday TV program.


Hannity Ignores Deaths Of Gaza Children, Complains Israeli Children Can’t Play Outside

Sean Hannity has been in Israel this week giving Fox News viewers all the pro-Israel perspective he can squeeze into a one-hour show. Frankly, much of it has been interesting. And as a Jew, myself, I can sympathize with what the Israelis are going through. But when nearly 400 children have been killed in Gaza, it seems heartless and out of touch to spend a segment lamenting how Israeli children are suffering by being forced to play indoors while completely ignoring the children suffering much worse in Gaza.

Hannity said in his introduction, “Now with the constant fear of Hamas rockets being fired into the border city of Sderot – well,l it has been deemed too dangerous for any children to play outdoors. “

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think it must be horribly stressful for the families and the children living in Sderot. But  it sounded almost laughably clueless when Hannity’s Israeli guest announced, “Anywhere else in the world, they take it for granted that (if) kids want to play, they go out and play. You cannot do that here. …Even when you do go outside, you never know when the next rocket is gonna come.”

What about the children in Gaza? Something tells me they’re not just going in the backyard and playing. Same thing with the children in Iraq and Syria.

Heck, there are kids in Chicago who can’t go out and play. Why hasn’t Hannity visited them and done a feature on their lives?

So while Hannity makes a hammy showing of concern for the stresses of Israeli kids, I can’t help but think he’d forget them in a millisecond if they didn’t suit his political agenda.

Watch Hannity’s selective sympathy below.

UPDATE: For some reason, the video didn’t embed. You can view it here.