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AIRED: 10-03-2019

The EXPERIENCE of your September Awareness Choice is now unfolding!

Humanity has come full circle into a FULL MONTH OF EXPERIENCE.

As we collectively dive into our
If not Now, When and If not YOU…Who. EXPERIENCE, what are we really creating with the power-full energy
that is showering the planet?

What roles do Beliefs, Dogma and Spell casting have to play in this fascinating blend of magical energy?

The short answer: EVERYTHING!!! A truly inspired and fascinating show!

PLUS! BE SURE TO MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THIS WEEKEND! Sri & Kira will share 2020 PREDICTIONS and how they affect us NOW!

Tonight’s Co-host: Rebecka Gregory
“Some awakenings are profound and some take time and numerous experience.”
…Rebecka Gregory

Miracles kept showing up in my world over the years. Magic appearing, and I never took the steps.
Six years ago I finally said YES and began the journey of the truth of me! I came across a book about Toltec teachings and that was it. The bubble popped and I was on my way. I was determined to look at, unravel, and face, my demons that kept me prisoner.

I started with Hypnotherapy. That lead me on a journey of epic proportions. Going down the rabbit hole of learning all I I could.

Traveling to experience life and sacred places opened the door to receive and embrace the magic of me.
And the universe along the way has been profound with its messages and gifts. I look back with wonderment now of it all. With the utmost gratitude in my heart ..
Yes even the deepest darkest parts where to my surprise were my gifts hidden away.

So here I am now….
A Light Expression Alchemist opening up to bring the Cosmic Tune UP Happy Hour to the world to be a beacon of light for the lost ones, the seekers,
the cosmic shifters and awakeners.

My thirst for new knowledge and growth will always continue. Now is time for me to fly and help others out of the nest to join me.

For the world is in a moment of great change and
it is up to us to come together to assist each other
without judgment. With only love in our hearts to assist others out of the nest so they can fly free…..

Facebook. Rebecka Gregory

website: www.rebeckagregory.com

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