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AIRED: 03-22-2022

Look!! RIGHT there! No, over a pixel or two. Now hold out your thumb…cover that star. Wait, even BETTER, reach in your pocket, grab a quarter, hold it up at arm’s length. Now slowly turn and align the tenny tiny ridges verrrrrrry carefully. What color do you think you see? Does it seem to smell like burnt steak or perhaps Chardonnay? You just discovered an X-Menplanet, baby!! Science!!! Yes!!
–But I kid the exoplanet folks, they ARE doing real science, see the link below for…proof?
–Color shifting the sun via finger shape manipulation? Ask Zack. Or Dr. Strange…
–Zack wants to start up a startup..in SPACE!! Modems To The Moon!!!
–We HUG our friend Liz!
–Through the reverse time anti-universe!!

website: exoplanets.nasa.gov/alien-worlds/ways-to-find-a

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