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AIRED: 06-11-2018

In this show we present the science of tomorrow in the words of those creating it. We use sound clips from Dr Suzanne Gilder to demonstrate in her own words how they are bringing the tv show Westworld to life! Gildert has worked along side Geordie Rose & Olivia Norton from their time together at D-Wave, onto the subsidiery company Quadrant, then onto Kindrid AI & ending up with their new company Sanctuary.

Listen in to hear how we will all soon have a robotic copy of ourselves that we can then train to be just like us, to the point things will be like the movie “Surrogates” in which people send out their robotic copies into the world to do jobs etc and the human stays at home. This isnt our speculation, this is from the scientist behind all of this technology. Synthetic human-like robots is where we are going, and this lady is proud to admit it.

We have often said that you cannot separate the spiritual from the science, and this will be made ever more clear when you hear Gildert admitting that this is more like black magic than science at this point. Again, not me saying that, its coming straight from the scientists mouth.

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