AIRED: 08-26-2018

Today’s power-punch show starts with testimonials about John McCain, who pushed a dossier of FAKE Iraqi Pre War Intelligence. Faithful listeners recall that your Host got arrested on the Patriot Act thirty days after phoning John McCain’s office, and requesting to testify before Congress about direct interactions with Iraqi diplomats at the United Nations. From there Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson kick the Deep State, the Blue Wave, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. .What’s coming in November?? The much touted Blue Wave is evaporating as Rasmussen’s Generic Congressional poll shows a split of 44% for GOP and Democrats alike– with 12 percent uncommitted. The Deep State knows it, too. By the end of the show, you’ll agree with Scott, Michael Jay and I— They’re going to fight dirty. They’ve got nothing left.

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Strategy of Tension: A policy wherein violent struggle is encouraged rather than suppressed. The purpose is to create a general feeling of insecurity in the population and make people seek security in a strong government. Today’s guest, Eric Galati, pulls brilliantly from Italian neo-fascism and contemporary American politics to demonstrate what some have called the...

AIRED: 10-30-2022