Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 13, 2013


A strange, glowing, saucer-shaped, silver orb UFO was filmed over New York City and the video was uploaded to YouTube with little description and no audio. So, what is it?

The UFO video, posted on Nov. 12, is about one minute long, with no audio track or commentary. The perfectly blue sky behind the object holds no clues as to its position over the city or the area in which the unidentified flying object was sighted. There’s not even a cloud in the sky.

The lack of an audio track doesn’t help to identify the area or the person who filmed the encounter, so it’s not known exactly when the sighting occurred.

In fact, there’s only one clue helping to prove the video is not an outright hoax or trick of light.

At the 0:29 mark, a bird that looks like a pigeon flies past the lens for less than a second, closer to the camera and definitely in front of the object. Look away for a split second and the bird will be missed. But it shows that there’s something in the sky behind.

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