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AIRED: 04-16-2021

Kallum Wilkinson is here today, a grand day for sure, seeing as Zack has a new name! Sorry, Liz, we HAD to!! Do you realize how long it’s been since we bestowed a new moniker on Ol’ Bud Roy?? And even though we swore off that swear word, it fits (and you can blame Alexander anyways). As Zack suffers through the Weed-ocaust in preparation for garden beds, we truly feel his pain.

–We find out today that Kallum is a Shakespearean actor of the highest caliber, as well as a one-man circus. “Behold thee yonder center ring! He doth juggleth whilst he rideth a unicycle!”

–Russia is going back to the moon this year…again…this year…again.

–Paleontologist’s Stunning Conclusion: 2.5 Billion T. Rexes Roamed North America Over the Cretaceous Period. Lucas’s stunned conclusion: what a bunch of dino droppings.

–We fumble through our mangled attempt at giving away some free passes for the Flat Earth Sun & Moon App from Dave Wiess, and we do it, in classic IRM style!!

–Chat Chit–

Alexander Lightwater:
​I have a wooden board with thick copper wire tagged to it in connection with the central heating radiator pipes to create grounding. Barefoot under my table.
​1 Wooden board – 2 thick copper wire tagged with a stapling machine in back and forth way several times over the surface bending on end and connect an electricity cable wire with it and the other end to a pipe of the radiator. it’s grounded in that way. Tested it with a grounding tester that came with a grounding blanket for my bed.

​winner winner, dino dinner, lol

Robert Page:
​the only thing NASA took to space, was our imagination

Enlightened Dawn:
​Honestly, it’s the first thing I do in the morning, take a toke 💨

website: apptica.com/charts/flat-earth-sun-moon-zodiac-c

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