Truth Frequency Radio
Oct 19, 2013

High Times

By Mary Jane Gibson

A mysterious Brooklyn ganja-giver committed random acts of kind kindness this week. Gawker reports that earlier this week a man found a poster with the message, “THESE ARE TOUGH TIMES. TAKE THIS WEED” taped to a subway wall in Brooklyn. And there was actually weed attached!

The anonymous pot-giver sent out Twitter messages under the name The Weed Fairy, writing “These are tough times. Keep your spirits high” and “As long as we’re this high up, we can’t be brought down.”

The Weed Fairy identified the strain that was left for lucky smokers as Kushage. He (or she) also tweeted, “I’m not promoting anything. I just want you all to feel good.”

Smells like someone worth following online – after all, who doesn’t want free weed? The marijuana mysterioso’s Twitter handle is