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AIRED: 01-11-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing New Years Resolutions and inviting people to call in and say what they’ve resolved to do in 2018 to better their health. A question came from the chat room about weaning off drugs, specifically Cymbalta which is used to manage depression, anxiety, and pain. He was advised to speak with the prescribing physician or the pharmacist who filled the prescription for a plan to wean off the drug as it’s not one to stop ‘cold turkey.’ He was also advised that the mental disorders and fibromyalgia that he believed it was prescribed for could be reversed by eliminating the 12 bad foods and supplementing with the 90 essential nutrients, extra plant derived minerals and extra selenium. Again, we’re not treating anything; we just giving the body the raw materials it needs to reverse the conditions itself!

website: www.90forlife.healthcare

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