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AIRED: 11-07-2019

Sarge opens the show by discussing the major difference between using nutrition to build a healthy, robust immune system vs using medicine whether pharmaceutical based or natural / plant based. Nutrition is the foundation that the body was designed to use to support healthy immune function and when it’s done properly the body can fight off virtually any invading bacterial or viral infection. It’s good to keep the plant medicines, ie herbal tinctures, essential oils, etc. and colloidal silver on hand ‘just in case,’ but, if done properly, your immune system should be able to handle just about anything that comes its way and only need the plant medicines ‘once in a blue moon.’

Sarge also covers things in the news including Elizabeth Warren’s so-called ‘Medicare for All’ plan that is absolute lunacy!

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Sarge opens the show by playing a short clip from the America’s Frontline Doctor Summit 2 where Dr. Simone Gold discusses the Myth of Face Masks and that their use to prevent Covid-19 transmission is a TOTAL HOAX and they are a waste of time! Sarge covers several items in the news ending with Rush...

AIRED: 10-22-2020

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AIRED: 10-15-2020

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AIRED: 10-08-2020

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AIRED: 09-17-2020

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AIRED: 09-10-2020

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AIRED: 09-03-2020