AIRED: 11-22-2020

FIGHT THE FRAUD! STOP THE STEAL! Today’s guest, Jim Fetzer breaks down the scope of election fraud exposed by Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Rudy Giuliani. Once before in the history of this nation Americans have observed the Deep State, the CIA and the corporatocracy ally forces to tear down a President of the United States. That was the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Never fear, Trump patriots— Joe Biden is still NOT President-elect. With lawsuits moving in 6 states demading audits to strike down “illegal ballots,” electoral votes break down to 232 to 227. Every week brings a flood of new developments—Nevada’s GOP has filed in Court to remove 40,000 illegal votes before certifying the elections. Arizona’s GOP are seeking a targeted count of Dominion machines in a small stretch of Maricopa County, where Ivy League numbers crunchers say 4,492 votes switched from Trump to Biden on election night. Georgia faces a demand for a machine recount after refusing to include Dominion voting machines in the hand recount— which ended promptly when Trump cut Biden’s lead from 14,100 votes down to 11,900 votes. This is new territory for all of us. The next stage is for the Courts to compel Secretaries of State to remove 1) dead voters, 2) ballots dumped after election deadlines, and 3) correct Dominion vote switches. Will the U.S Supreme Court be forced to adjudicate such reasonable demands??? We’ll find out. It’s happening now. Perhaps most baffling is how Democrats are so delusional they imagine Trump Patriots would EVER back down from this fight. Let us be clear: Trump Patriots will Never, Never, NEVER NEVER stop the Fight before the battle is done.

website: www.jamesfetzer.org/2020

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