Truth Frequency Radio
Jul 29, 2015

By Amanda Warren

RT America obtained some raw footage of officers beating a man at Target in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn on Saturday night.

The man was identified by The Daily News as Alando Brissett, 25, and had allegedly gotten into an argument with employees over a receipt. At the point where the video starts we see five officers who start beating the pinned down man. Soon, many officers swarm in from out of nowhere.

RT called it chaos erupting….

However, I do not see this as simply another instance of fighting and chaos. Something special about this event made a potentially tragic situation turn out much differently.

It’s not to say something shouldn’t have been done about the allegedly belligerent man in the store – but five officers holding down an unarmed man and continuing to punch him in the head is complete overkill. Why cause further injury when the outcome is already achieved?

What headlines have seemingly missed is one unidentified woman’s actions to stop the continuation of unnecessary violence.

One woman demonstrates how to stop police violence – do something! As soon as she took the courage to run up and shout at the officers to stop beating the man – everyone did. Curiously, countless officers showed up out of nowhere although they were still outnumbered.

That’s when they realized it was time to rethink using brutality….