Truth Frequency Radio

Jun 02, 2015


Could you imagine telling two cops: “you’re being disrespectful to me, I’ll be disrespectful to you,” and managing to walk away from the confrontation? That’s what happened to one man who was sick and tired of the police harassing him when he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

We’ve all either seen it or experienced it first hand: cops harassing innocent people for just being where they don’t think you should be. One man wasn’t going to take it anymore. And it just so happened that this man was armed to the teeth.

Police rolled up on him when he was sitting in his own vehicle on private property.

He was at a hotel where he had rented a room, but at the time, he hadn’t returned to his room yet. That’s when officers decided they should come and harass him.

Immediately they demanded to see identification, but the man refused and began recording the incident that lasted for over 11 minutes.

The Richmond, Virginia officers reverted to juvenile behavior after the man gave them the silent treatment, telling them that he wasn’t going to further comply with their demands because he had done nothing wrong.

The man eventually tells the officers that the only identification they need to see is his concealed carry permit, which he flashes at the window of his vehicle, before narrating to the camera. The officers demand do know if he has a firearm in the car. He informs them he doesn’t have just one, but “dozens.”

Watch it all go down in the video below…

(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten)