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Jul 13, 2015

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douglassreport  July 11, 2015

It’s time to take the bear off the California flag — it’s been extinct for nearly a century anyway — and replace it with a more fitting symbol for the state: a big needle!

California has become the first U.S. state to require vaccinations for all kids, eliminating every exemption except the almost-impossible-to-obtain medical exemption.

This ugly new law just signed by Gov. Moonbeam takes the most important medical decisions about children’s health out of the hands of parents and even out of the hands of their doctors.

Now, faceless school district bureaucrats will decide which shots are required — and any kid who doesn’t have every single one will get tossed out.

This STUNNING power grab doesn’t just cover all the shots on the current schedule. It gives those bureaucrats the blanket power to add any shot to the required list at any time.

If Big Pharma manages to rush an experimental vaccine through the approvals process in response to some fabricated threat — monkey flu, chicken fever, Martian Ebola, you can bet they’ll come up with something — your school district can IMMEDIATELY make it required and kids who don’t get the shot will be expelled.

And if you think that could never happen, just look at how we got to this point — because I strongly suspect this whole thing was a setup from the start.

The “Disneyland measles” outbreak that kicked this off was in the news almost every night. Then, it vanished as the kids all made a quick recovery.

The media didn’t cover that part.

Here’s something else you didn’t hear on the news: The outbreak wasn’t caused by hippy-dippy Californians refusing to vaccinate their children. It was traced to the Philippines, which was in the middle of a huge measles outbreak at the time.

The common-sense solution is to get tougher on people coming into the country, especially if they’re coming from known disease zones.

Instead, we’re getting tougher on our own people.

It makes ZERO sense …until you follow the money, because vaccine laws are being funded by Big Pharma in a big way.

“Dr.” Richard Pan, the state senator who co-sponsored the vaccine bill, collected $66,957 from the drug and health products industries from 2009-2012, the most recent year we have info on.

He also raked in $266,975 from “health professionals,” $48,649 from “health services” and $35,649 from “hospitals & nursing homes” in that same time.

The medical industry has been very good to “Dr.” Pan… and he’s being good right back to them.

It’s time to take matters out of the hands of corrupt politicians and put them back where they belong: in YOUR hands.

If you’re in California, support the ballot initiatives under way to reverse this outrageously bad law. And if you’re not, the time to fight for your rights in your own state is right NOW– because I can guarantee you, they’re already working on laws modeled after the one in California in the other 49 states.