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AIRED: 04-15-2018

In the last 48 hours, the world shifted on its political axis; again. The Deep State has made its agenda for the 2018 elections clear.
1. Impeach Donald Trump.
2. Repeal the Second Amendment
3. Open the Southern Border
They are the most powerful and dangerous spy organization in history, and they control nearly all information. They were even able to trick the USA into attacking Syria with missiles this weekend. The only thing they don’t control is X-Squared Radio. Saving the Republic depends upon you listening every week. Tune in. Get squared. Go forth fearless.

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The Grand Division I wrote about in the Bearth Trilogy is happening as we speak. There is a universal mistrust of government spreading over the entire Earth. This has been accelerated by the new neuro-network that has just reached its 20th year of existence; the internet. . The vast majority of the world now knows...

AIRED: 11-11-2018

There is no need to wait another 48 hours for the election results of the 2018 Midterm Elections. I have returned from the future with those numbers. You can rest assured that your vote WILL count and that you will be heard around the world. Republicans will be plagued by voter fraud, losing the House....

AIRED: 11-04-2018

Tonight’s broadcast was a live program from the streets of Houston in line for the Trump Rally. As the night went on, the line grew to more than 10,000 and the following morning, it grew to more than 40,000. The Toyota Center only held 21,000, and there were 20,000 people who stood outside and watched...

AIRED: 10-21-2018

As we predicted, Obama’s OFA has been training and funding violent gangs around the country to begin seizing control of cities. The police have been ordered to stand down and allow rape, murder, beatings, and vandalism to blossom in once peaceful cities around the country. The goal? Always the same. The plan is to disrupt...

AIRED: 10-14-2018

This week, the Deep State conducted a high-espionage attack on the US Judiciary Committee. The CIA’s chief instructor in the art of lying under interrogation, Christine Blasey Ford, was employed to destroy President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. The globalist press covered her lies with glee, but the issue at hand is making sure...

AIRED: 09-30-2018

It is not our diversity that is the source of America’s strength. It is the unity of America that makes it invincible. It has been the ongoing mission of the Democrat Party for 170 years to divide the people into warring factions. Coupled with a long-standing tradition of grooming Presidents, they ruled by law for...

AIRED: 09-23-2018