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Oct 19, 2013

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A former employee of a Walmart store in Michigan claims the company fired him this week after he attempted to help a woman who was physically assaulted in the store’s parking lot. Oswald had worked at the store for seven weeks before he was fired.

According to the ABC affiliate WXYZ, Kristopher Oswald, 30, was taking a lunch break during an overnight shift at a Walmart in Livingston County when he heard shouting. Oswald said he was sitting in his parked car when he saw a man hanging onto the hood of a woman’s car.

“I observed a person on a vehicle kinda like ‘Die Hard’ mode holding onto the hood,” he said. “But then I saw who the driver was: It was this tiny, little, blonde girl who got out and tried to force this person off of her vehicle. And she’s screaming, and he jumped off the car, grabbed her by the arms … and forced her by the car.”

At first, Oswald said he thought that the two were just joking around. But when he got closer, he said he realized the woman was in physical danger. When he tried to intervene, the assailant leapt at Oswald, punched him in the head and shouted, “I’m going to kill you.”

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