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Dec 19, 2013

Increasing seismic activity, red alert issued for Indonesia’s Sinabung volcano

Volcano Discovery

December 18, 2013 – INDONESIA – The Indonesian Volcanological Survey (VSI) informed in its latest press release that a significant increase in seismic activity was detected during the past days. While the volcano has been relatively calm at the surface, producing only a dilute gas plume with some ash reaching about 1 km above the crater, the increase in earthquakes suggests that new magma is currently rising and could produce new (potentially large) explosions. In particular, low-frequency and so-called hybrid earthquakes, typical of fluid movements inside the volcanic edifice, have climbed to almost one 1000 per day. Continuous volcanic tremor (internal vibration) at medium levels has also been detected over the past days. Deformation measurements with tilt-meters on the northern and eastern flank and EDM (electronic distance meters) show a fluctuating trend of inflation, suggesting the presence of an intruding magma body at shallow depth. Gas and temperature measurements are not conclusive from the VSI report, as quality / temporal coverage are insufficient. The exclusion zone was extended to 5 km radius, and the volcano remains on highest alert level and Aviation Color Code Red, because explosive eruptions with high-level ash clouds could occur any time.


Eruption from Italy’s Mount Etna volcano closes Catania airport

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December 18, 2013 – ITALY – Catania airport in Sicily remains shut due to an ongoing eruption of nearby Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, airport officials say. Catania, along with the smaller airport of Comiso, was closed on Sunday due to the clouds of ash in the sky. The company that manages Catania, Sec, said the ‘direction and intensity of the wind’ meant that ash from the eruption was a danger to flights. Five flights were cancelled on Monday and were re-routed to Palermo also in Sicily or to Reggio Calabria in the neighboring Calabria region. Eruptions on Etna are relatively frequent but the latest activity, which began on Saturday, is the most intense in several months. The lava flow can be seen from Catania and Taormina.