AIRED: 08-08-2021

A powerhouse show dedicated to the Freedom demonstrators in France refusing to bow to President Macron’s Tyrannical vaccine passports! Scott Bennett and James Fetzer deliver a brilliant interview on the tidal wave of freedom breaking across the United States and the world, from California’s shining recall election to end Gov. Gavin Newsom’s tyranny to New York’s impeachment of Gov Andrew Cuomo. Europe is way ahead in fighting Covid tyranny. But events are moving fast here in the United States, too. The word is NO. Tragically, millions have already submitted and their suffering from adverse reactions is acute. Chances are you DON”T know somebody who suffered Covid, but you DO KNOW somebody who suffered adverse reactions—blood clots in the lungs, septic shock, like TWO of Scott’s relations, or non-stop vaginal bleeding like my friend, or DEATH like TFR host, Luckee’s friend. Across social media, Americans and Europeans are unifying against Covid tyranny. Humor might be our greatest weapon, but we know the costs of failure. Every one of us are necessary to the cause of Freedom.


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My beloved friends and family at TFR— This is my last show on TFR. I can scarcely believe that 10 years ago, on Sept 7, 2013, I kicked off my first show interviewing Vince Palamara on his book, “Survivor’s Guilt” on the Kennedy assassination. Through all these years, your love and encouragement has meant the...

AIRED: 02-19-2023