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Oct 26, 2014

Vigilant Citizen

In this edition of SPOTM :  Gwen Stefani, Cheryl Cole and Charli XCX proving you that the one-eye sign rules the entertainment industry. And, as usual, proof that the fashion world is simply sick.

The October issue of Interview magazine features a photoshoot entitled "Pretty Wasted" and features models that appear passed out drunk and lying in filth. Some of them appear dead (wasted is also a term for someone who got killed). Once again fashion uses models to promote deshunamnization, self-destruction and associates glamor with death.


This one has eyes if she was dead. Yes, fashion loves to put glamorous clothe on corpses.


Empty, soulless, drugged, incapacitated, helpless, vulnerable ... That is how the fashion world portrays its models ... and this how they want the consumer to be.


Why are there so many glamorous models in this disgusting place? Who brought them there? Who got them wasted? This is another product of the sick, mind-control based fashion world.


Speaking of mind control based fashion, the October issue of Vogue Italia features a photoshoot named "In a Silent Way" which is all about MK imagery. Other than being yet another instance where models are shown as lifeless, soulless mannequins, each shot is full of images used to program MK slaves. This shot features dismembered body parts (representing the helplessness and fragmenting of MK slaves) and heads on the ground (representing alter personas).


A creepy model holding a head (alter persona) stands above a dismembered mannequin.


A strange stick figure (does it represent the unseen handler?) brushing the head of a weirder mannequin.


A half-model, half-mannequin hybrid changing faces (personas). This is pure MK symbolism here.


It is rather startling to see the number of prominent stars who did the one-eye sign in the span of only a few weeks. This is the cover of Cheryl Cole's new album. One stripe strategically crosses one of her eye. The strip is in feline print which alludes to Kitten Programming.


Charli XCX is already an Illuminati favorite. Here she is on the cover of Billboard magazine doing the one-eyed salute.


Tyra Banks on the set of Good Morning America showing you who's the boss of her. Added Bonus : Her shirt has one eye on it.


UK X Factor contestant Chloe Jasmine quickly became a national celebrity for a bunch of reasons (including rumors she attends "Eyes Wide Shut-style masked orgies). I did not take long before she did the one-eye salute topless to let you know who's pushing her towards the spotlight.


Gwen Stefani is trying to make a comeback and stay relevant in the music business. This means doing the one-eye sign on her single cover.


.... and again so you get the message.


This is the logo of the "Evil Eye" collection by Kesha released a few months ago. Seeing this obvious Illuminati symbolism, we understand better why she is now trying to sue her producer for abuse.


Uzo Aduba became famous due to her role of Crazy Eyes in the series "Orange Is the New Black". So what did she do in her photoshoot in Harper Bazaar? Yup.


OK we get it, damn.


Rita Ora was spotted walking around looking like a 6 year-old with one of the signs of the MK-industry pawn : Mickey Mouse ears which represent Disney Programming.


Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, took this topless selfie wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Why? Don't try to understand this messed up industry and those who have to grow up in it.


Another "star" who grew up in the most elite of families is Paris Hilton. This photoshoot lets you know she is part of the MK Ultra industry.


Paris upset many of her followers when she posted this throwback picture of herself dressed as what looks like a Playboy bunny. What kind of parents would dress their five year-old girl this way?  I don't know but Paris seems to have been conditioned early to go towards the sex kitten path.



Thanks to everyone who sent in pics!