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Apr 17, 2013

fox-family-guy-boston-marathon-sg-cropped-proto-custom_28By Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

On March 17, 2013 (a few weeks ago), Fox aired an episode of Family guy that allegedly predicted the Boston Marathon bombing. A clip emerged showing the main character Peter Griffin being asked how he won the Boston marathon. The clip then cuts to another scene showing Peter Griffin on a cell phone. After the first call, you hear an explosion with no screams after. Peter then places another call and you hear another explosion in the background, this time with screaming. This is chillingly similar to the events in Boston where reports stated that a smoke bomb was detonated prior to the actual explosion that injured over a hundred people and killed at least 2 (the death toll is still uncertain).

It was later confirmed that the two clips were spliced together but taken out of the exact same episode, “Turban Cowboy”. Peter Griffin actually wins the marathon by driving his car over all of the runners. Later on in the episode, he calls his friend “Mohammed” on his cell phone and since the phone belongs to a Muslim, the phone is actually a detonator, unbeknownst to Peter Griffin.

Today, Fox stated they have pulled the March 17, 2013 episode from regular programming and from Hulu. After the clip began circulating, creator Seth McFarland tweeted that the clip circulating is a hoax and that it is “abhorrant” that people would make such fun of a tragedy like this (Never mind the fact that his own writers managed to make limbless marathon runners funny 2 weeks ago, it is now “abhorrent”). Fox has also been on a DMCA rampage, removing any and all videos posted with these clips. In compliance with 17 USC 107, these clips are now made available on our website without fear of DMCA takedown notices.

Family Guy boston bombing

Predictive programming is the use of propaganda in movies and television purposefully aimed at controlling the mind of the viewer or swaying them in a certain direction. Not only does it serve to control the mind but it also serves to desensitize the viewer, getting him/her accustomed to whatever idea is being presented. Predictive programming can be applied to everything from Buck Rogers, with his handheld radio transmitter where he can speak to anyone, at any time (cell phone technology) to more sinister examples like Minority Report preparing people for a “pre-crime” or “thought crime” type of society.

Thought crime is the idea that a person is guilty because of the way he/she thinks. The Department Of Homeland Security and other agencies have been training their officers to be “thought police” for years now. Their target is each and every one of us who believe in “extreme ideologies”, including: The right to a free press, the right to bear arms, the right to be secure in your papers and the right of the States to supersede Federal legislation. But more on thought crime in a moment.

Predictive programming or coincidence? That is ultimately the question. But to give you another example of predictive programming in the media, one must only look towards the X-Files spin off show, The Lone Gunman.

In Episode 2 of the Lone Gunmen that aired six months prior to 9-11, the main characters are aboard an American Airlines 737 that is flown remotely and on a collision course with the World Trade Center towers. At the end of the episode, the Lone Gunmen save the day of course. Was this predictive programming or a strange coincidence? The producers of The Lone Gunman have made several hints to the idea that the CIA planted that story.

Defense agencies of the US government have had their hands in many films, especially military propaganda films. The film makers are not so responsible as they are complicit. The basis for their cooperation is the fact that the US government will give access to props such as tanks, aircraft, sea craft, submarines, or anything else the film maker may need. In return the film maker is to change the plot to sway public opinion on certain events. For instance, (this is a hypothetical example) if the script calls for British villains, the government might step in and say “create a subplot that the villains are working for a terror cell from Afghanistan and we will provide you with anything you need”. Or it can be something as extreme as sanctioning an entire film.

It gets much crazier though! In the movie, The Matrix, Mr. Anderson and Agent Smith are sitting at a desk. A scene flashes to Neo’s passport and it expires on September 11, 2001 which is a date many of us woke up from the matrix. There is also the episode of the Simpsons where Bart holds up a magazine of New York City and on the cover you see $9 with the twin towers to the right, showing 9-11. This also aired prior to 9-11. In The Dark Knight Rises, a scene of the city shows the words AURORA lit up on a skyscraper and another scene shows a map of the city (which looks like New York) and the words SANDY HOOK as the only visible words on the map.

Are these all a coincidence? Did Seth McFarland just happen to create two scenes in an episode that coincide with the events at the Boston Marathon? Did the Simpsons hint at 9-11, or was that coincidence? Did Christopher Nolan implant hints in The Dark Knight Rises with the words AURORA and SANDY HOOK? Or are we all just crazy conspiracy theorists?

Well any way it goes, the coincidences are started to become astronomically impossible. This is just the tip of the iceberg. But how many “coincidences” do we need before a pattern emerges?