Sep 08, 2013

Menopause, an inevitable event that 100% of all women will eventually face, can be a nightmarish time. The most common symptoms experienced include weakened pelvic muscle tone and vaginal dryness, and Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Yale University School of Medicine, has found a simple tool to treat these symptoms: a vibrator.

The main cause of these symptoms is decreased blood flow to the pelvic area and reproductive organs. A buzzy could help stimulate both pelvic blood flow and vaginal contractions, both of which strengthen pelvic muscles. This could be a healthy – and pleasurable – alternative to dangerous hormonal treatments (which can often cause an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, and can be very expensive in the long run, as they have to be taken for many months to years). Women experiencing menopause reported increases in libido, vaginal moisture, and pelvic floor strength after using vibrators.

However, you must be careful to pick the right kind of vibrator and lubricant: The vibrator should be phlalate-free and non-toxic, and the lubricant should we water-based and not contain parabens, which is a common – and sometimes toxic – additive to many lotions and lubricants on the market right now.
Other things you can do to ease Menopause symptoms are Kegel exercises. Often a multiple win since it increases the strength of the contractions during orgasm (which increases pleasure for the male during sex, as well), these exercises are simple, not painful, and can also help with stress incontinence and bladder wall function.
Menopause is inevitable. The discomfort, however, doesn’t have to be.