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Sep 04, 2014

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Timing is crucial in politics.

Therefore, when events transpire, they can often be as important as what transpires. This article discusses reasons as to why the timing of certain very recent events pertaining to vanishing aircraft and ISIS is highly suspicious.

The very trustworthy MSM has just informed us that 11 commercial jet airliners vanished two weeks ago from an airport in Tripoli, Libya. Evidently, U.S. intelligence has just gotten around to informing citizens of the event. A couple of observations should be made before we get to the discussion of timing. It is a fact that nanosatellite technology with “night vision” capability has been available, and even publicly discussed, since as early as 1997. Furthermore, the National Reconnaissance Office, which spawns these devices, recently assigned a mission patch proclaiming that “Nothing is Beyond Our Reach” to a 2013 payload containing “Government Experimental Multi-Satellite” objects.

In addition, it is almost certainly the case that the skies of Libya, in particular Tripoli, are almost certainly blanketed with drones. In view of the preceding, it is reasonable to suppose that the United States Government almost certainly knows where the aircraft are, but chooses to act as though it doesn’t.


Now to matters of timing.

After sitting on the supposed vanishings for two weeks, information seeped into the mainstream media only after the release of a second ISIS beheading video (if that is in fact what it was). Are we supposed to believe USG (us government) lost the planes for two weeks, looked for them and couldn’t find them, and only now decided it’s time to sound the alarm to the general public?

That’s possible, but consider also that the news of the vanishings arrived in tandem with news of the second “beheading.” And, we’re also told that the second beheading video may have been released early by accident?

A second “beheading” has more effect if followed by more news of vanishing aircraft a bit later–so why would USG, after two weeks, have come out with news of the vanishing aircraft only immediately subsequent to an “accidental” release of the second beheading video–unless it was trying to maximize propaganda value regarding potential events it must have at least some degree of control over since it almost certainly knows where those aircraft are?

Of course, the 11 vanishings could just be illusory and unadulterated propaganda; the game move could be pretty much the same regardless.

So where does this leave us?

On August 1, this author wrote with respect to MH 17, MH 370, Air France 447, and, in particular, AH 5017 (all aircraft that vanished from contact), that:

Matters are so compromised with respect to the status of bodily evidence [regarding AH 5017] that France now thinks it could take from three to five months for forensic processes to produce the first identifications.

And then we have the facts that it took hours for airline and government officials to make AH 5017’s disappearance public, there were 51 French passengers, and France, declaring victory, had very recently terminated Operation Serval (a counterterrorism adventure in Mali).

Finally, we have the pending performance on a France/Russia deal whereby Russia is to received delivery of two Mistral warships. Maybe certain elitist elements would rather see France breach the contract?

As implicitly predicted, we now have news that France has, at least temporarily, cancelled the contract with Russia. So here’s what may well happen next: Obama’s response so far has been tepid; a couple hundred troops to Iraq and the declaration that “ISIS” is “manageable” by the “international community.” That is not going to be enough for people who want much more aggressive action against Russia and in the Middle East. Therefore, in coming days, we’ll have another, more intense round of chicken; France has seen the writing on the wall and chickened out already in view of even more vanished aircraft. It’s now 9/3, giving us 8 days to 9/11. The next scene probably happens tomorrow; it could be something like a group of “beheadings.” Whatever it is, it will be noticeably scaled up.

For news cycle type reasons, I doubt much will happen over the weekend other than noises here and there. If something does happen over the weekend, it will have to be pretty big in order to garner attention. Once we get to next week, we’re on a collision course. If Obama still hasn’t acted aggressively, on either Monday or Tuesday a pretty big event is likely to happen, but probably not in the U.S. A U.S. event is reserved for next Thursday and will only be engaged if Obama has still not acted in ways deemed sufficient.

Dr. Jason Kissner is associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno. You can reach him at [email protected].



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